About us

Ecklund-Harrison Technologies, Inc. manufactures all the equipment necessary for heat penetration tests, except for the indication or recording instrument. The user may select instrumentation from the simplest single point indicator to the most elaborate computer system. It is necessary only that the instrumentation be of suitable temperature range calibrated for TYPE T (copper-constantan) thermocouples.
Ecklund thermocouples are specially designed for conducting heat penetration tests of foods in cans, jars, and plastic packages. Our non-projecting connector type thermocouple combines convenience and accuracy. This permits test containers to be filled and closed in the same manner as the commercial pack.
Ecklund-Harrison Technologies, Inc., and its predecessor, O.F. ECKLUND, INC., has provided temperature measuring devices for the brewing, canning, and pharmaceutical industries continuously for over 70 years. Current management has been in place for over 35 years.
The name Ecklund-Harrison Technologies is well known and highly respected throughout the food and beverage industries.  Our products are used world-wide.